Sunday, April 08, 2012

Belfast haul

Hey guys,

So I finally got around to doing my belfast haul sorry it has taken so long!

I had such a great time up there and got a lot of things I'd been lusting over for the past while.

So my first stop in Belfast was the Yankee Candle store where I got a large tumbler candle I have wanted for so long! I got 'Beachwalk' it's a really fresh smell and I just love it! It was £18.99 so around €23.

I then headed to Debenhams where I went to the MAC counter and I picked up something I have heard so much about and was dying to try it out! I got the MAC paint pot in 'Painterly'. It's a fabulous nude base for an eyeshadow. It was £14.50 so around €17.

I then headed to the Chanel counter in Debenhams, where I splashed out on something I had wanted for AGES! It was the infamous 'Bronze Universel' or as it is now known the 'Soleil Tan De Chanel' (quite a mouthful eh?). Anyway this is a stunning bronzing makeup base, which is a mousy consistency but almost turns to powder?.  The lady at the counter explained to me that this product comes in one shade, but suits all skin types. It was quite pricy at £29 which comes in around €35. But it will last for a long time!

Next I headed to the Elizabeth Arden counter where I picked up something I had seen another blogger raving about, and as I love rose gold I just HAD to pick one up! I picked up the new 'Rose Illumination' powder. I love the packaging of this. It leaves a lovely rose gold highlight to the cheeks. This was £23 so about €27.

Next I headed to a cosmetics store called SPACE.NK apothecary, where I picked up two NARS products I have wanted for AGES, I picked up a NARS blush in 'Orgasm'. This is a stunning coraly-pink colour with specks of gold going through it. It has great pigmentation. It was quite steep at £21 about €25. Especially for a blush but I had wanted it for the longest time.

I then got a NARS eyeshadow duo in 'Kalahari' which I heard so many great things about. It's a great everyday duo, consisting of a gold shimmery brown, and a brown bronze colour. These are so pigmented. They would also fit nicely into your makeup bag, instead of carrying around massive palettes. This again was expensive at £24 around €29. The only bad thing I would say about NARS products would have to be the packaging, it tends to get easily dirty.

Next I made my way to boots where I picked up the Revlon 'Photo Ready' concealer in shade 2- light. I again heard so much about this and was dying to try it out, I since have and am not disappointed. It is a fabulous concealer.

Then I headed to Lush, where I picked up three things. First I picked up two bath bombs (which I am obsessed with!) I got the 'Dragons egg' bath bomb, which smells quite lemony and fresh. The second bath bomb I got was 'Phoenix Rising' which has a strong cinnamon smell to it, and is extremely relaxing. Both bath bombs were £3.15 so about €3.80.

Dragons Egg                                       Phoenix Rising

I then picked up one of Lush's shower jelly's in 'Sweetie Pie'. It smells like blackcurrants. It's purple with blue glitter in it. This was £5.95 so around €7.20.

Then we headed to Sainsbury's where I picked up a pocket size John Frieda 'Frizz-Eaze', which has fast become my new favourite hair care product. I applied this to my hair after I had shampoo'd and conditioned. I only applied this through my hair and at the ends, I didn't use it near my scalp. This was only £1 so around €1.20.

We then made the trek to the Junction One Outlet 20 minutes outside of Belfast. I headed straight for the CCO. I had never been to one before, and when I heard there was one in Ireland, I had to go! I did a big bulk of my shopping here. I picked up mostly MAC products here. A lot of the products I picked up were from old limited edition collections from MAC.

The first item I picked up was a product from MAC's 'Liberty of London' collection, I got a gorgeous blush in 'Dirty Plum'. It's a sheer dark plum shade, I feel this is a little too dark for my NW20 skintone, but would look fabulous on darker skins. This product is super pigmented so a little goes a long way. This was £11 so around €13.

Next I picked up an eyeshadow palette from MAC's 'Wonder Woman' collection. I picked the palette in 'Defiance', which is absolutely stunning. The packaging is so sleek and would fit perfectly into my makeup bag. This was £25.25 so about €30.

Next I picked up two items from a collection I've lusted over since it came out and was never lucky to have gotten anything from it....until now! I am of course talking about MAC's 'Venomous Villains' collection. I picked up two eyeshadows from the Evil Queens line. I got 'Vile Violet' and 'Vainglorious'. I love these two colours, and the packaging is gorgeous. These cost £8.50 each so around €10 each.

(From Left-Right:                     Left- Vile Violet                 Right- Vainglorious)

Next I got a MAC Pro Longwear lipstick in 'Overtime', this is a gorgeous baby pink/ corally colour, quite similar to Saint Germain. It has a lovely creamy texture to it and it is a lovely shade for summer. The picture definitely does not do it justice! This cost £11.75 so about €14.

Next up I picked up another MAC eyeshadow palette, I wasn't too sure if this was part of a collection or anything, but the colours were definitely right up my alley! This palette is called 'In the Gallery', it has lovely matte plums and purple shades in it which I adore. This cost £20.50 so around €24, which for four eyeshadows is a bargain.

Next items I picked up were a MAC Big Bounce creamy eyeshadow in 'Rich, Sweet' I am loving a lot of gold/ metallic shades recently for daytime looks, and this one with its creamy texture I loved. A little of this product definitely goes a long way, I am most looking forward to trying this product out. This cost £9.50 so about €11.

Next products I got were two eyeshadows. First one was from MAC's 'Surf Baby' collection. I got a lovely olive eyeshadow in 'Swell Baby' I absolutely love this for an alternative day look with some liner. It cost £8.50 so about €10. I also got another eyeshadow (yes I know, I couldn't resist!) I got a gorgeous eyeshadow called 'Arena' this again was £8.50 so about €10. It is a fabulous nude/ gold shade with some subtle gold shimmer to it. I again love this colour for daytime. It is super pigmented so again, a little goes a long way.

 (Swell Baby)


The last two items I got were a MAC Pro Longwear eyeshadow in the shade 'One To Watch' this is very similar to the 'Arena' shadow I got, except this has slightly more coppery undertones in it. These shadows are also much bigger in size to MAC's regular sized shadows. It cost £11.75 so around €14. The last item I picked up was a Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer in 'Porcelain' this has a lovely texture to it and matches perfectly with my NW20 skintone. I have yet to try it out, but am looking forward to testing it out. It cost £12 so around €14, the packaging is quite small, but considering the texture a little is definitely going to go a long way with this one!

 (One To Watch)

(Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer- Porcelain)

I was also out the other day and picked up a few thing in Boots as they were having a 3 for 2 on their cosmetics and other items, so I'll have another blog post up next week to show you what I got.

So I hoped you guys enjoyed my blog post, I hope it wasn't too long! If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned feel free to comment below. You can also find me on Twitter- @Emilyx0.

Emily x

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned, all opinions are my own.


  1. wow, amazing things! i really adore the soleil tan the chanel.
    i heard so many good things about it and I bet it's perfect for summer :))
    and in btw i love yankee candles as well :D
    really nice blog, dear!


    1. Thanks so much! I have heard great things about it too, dying to test it out :)

      Emily x0

  2. God your haul is massive, love it! xx

    1. I went a bit wild that day :)

      Emily x

  3. Wow! So jealous of the CCO products!

    Lucy xo

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