Friday, May 25, 2012

Collective Haul- Part 1

Evening guys,

So apologies for posting this haul so late. I've been super busy the last few days. Also has you may see with the title of this blog, I will be splitting it up into three separate posts, as I have a little more than I thought I had *slaps wrist*. So I thought it would be just easier to split up my haul. Also a lot of this stuff I have bought over the last two months so don't be too shocked. I will be definitely be putting myself on a spending ban for the next few weeks.

Anyway on with the haul!

So I will start of with the following items I bought in Boots.

So firstly I picked up an Essie nail polish in the shade Tart Deco, which I featured in my last NOTD post. It is a gorgeous bright pastel orange/ corally colour. I was happy to find Boots in Dublin was finally selling Essie polishes as they can be tricky to find! The brushes have also been re-designed with a more 'fan' shaped head for better coverage when applying the polish. This polish was €12.99.

The next item I picked up in Boots was a Revlon nail polish in the shade 'Radiant', it's a fabulous turquoise with turquoise and silver hexagonal glitter. This was €9.15.
Next I picked up a Carmex lip balm, I picked the original one. I'm always on the lookout for lip balms to try out and I'm liking this one so far. It's nice and compact as well. This was €3.39.
I also picked up a Sally Hansen nail polish remover, I got the one for soft and thin nails. This is my favourite nail polish removers. This was €3.04.
I then picked up a La Roche-Posay Thermal Water spray. I love this for refreshing my face throughout the day, it also keeps my makeup intact. This is reasonably priced at €9.65.
The next item I picked up was a Carex hand sanitizer. I picked up two. I find them handy when I am out and about and for when I'm doing my makeup. I picked it up in a lovely lavender and rosewood scent, which is nicer than your usual alcohol smelling ones. These were both €1.50.
I also picked up a new Batiste dry shampoo in a new cherry scent, which is absolutely divine! I needed to replace the awful glittery one I bought on my last trip to Belfast. This was €4.06.
I then picked up three Barry M Nail Paints as they were on offer. I picked up the shades 'Mint Green' which is a gorgeous pastel mint coloured green as the name suggests, the other was a Limited Edition one to Boots. It is a lovely berry purple shade. I also picked up the shade 'Blue Moon', which is a gorgeous baby pastel blue, definitely my favourite out of the three. These were all €4.57.

 Left- Right: Mint Green, Limited Edition, Blue Moon

I then picked up an Essie 'Fill The Gap' basecoat. This smoothes out ridges on your nails before you apply your nail polish. I didn't really like this as it was quite thick when I applied it to my nails. This was €7.27.

I also picked up a Natural Collection blusher in the shade 'Peach Melba', this looks quite dark in the packaging, but when it's swatched it is a gorgeous peachy/ beige colour. The staying power is amazing and for €3.04 I will definitely be investing in more!

I then headed to Muji, which has definitely become one of my new favourite shops for buying my makeup storage. I will definitely be going back to buy some more storage pieces.

Here I picked up an acrylic desk organiser with three separate partitians. I am using this to store my makeup brushes and makeup tools. I love this as it being acrylic makes it easy to see everything. This was €9.
I also picked up an acrylic pot where I keep my foundation brushes. I prefer keeping these separate from my other powder brushes. This was only €4.
I also got a plastic basket to store some of my nail polishes. This was €5.50.
The last item I got from Muji was a little plastic basket with six partitians. I use this currently to store my MAC lipsticks as it's nice and compact and I can easily read all of the names. This was only €4.
I hope you enjoyed the first part of this haul. Stay tuned for the second part :)

Do you own any of these products? What do you think? How do you store your makeup?

Emily x


  1. You're making me want to go shopping! xo

  2. I'll have to drop into Muji I'm in dire need of some storage containers!! x

    1. Muji have great containers, my new favourite shop! :)

      Emily x

  3. Your hauls always make me want to shop! I'm so jealous of all your MAC lipsticks, I only have three at the moment. You should post a MAC lipstick collection? I'd love to hear your recommendations and opinions.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I will definitely be doing a MAC lipstick collection when I finish this haul. Keep an eye out :)

      Emily x


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