Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Collective Haul- Part 3

Hey guys,

Hope you're all enjoying the sun (or whatever is left of it!). Apologies for posting the last part of this haul so late. This will part of the haul will mostly consist of some clothes I bought in Penney's/ Primark, some jewellery and other miscellaneous bits and pieces.

So I am going to start off this haul with the clothes I picked up in Penney's.

First item I got was this gorgeous mint green top with scallop detailing, I love this, it's super flattering and has a lovely cap sleeve. I would recommend sizing up with this just if you prefer it to be more flowy. This was €13.
Next item I picked up was a gorgeous gold ring with a cream marble type stone. This was €3.

The last two items I got are two dresses, in two different colours of course! I picked up a purple one and a grayish black colour. I love the detailing on the top is gorgeous. The back of these there is a lovely slit detailing down the back. These would be perfect for throwing on over leggings. They are quite short so would recommend wearing them with leggings. These were €8 each.

The next item isn't really a clothing or beauty item, but it's a book I picked up while I was in Easons. I got the Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson. I really enjoyed the movie so I thought I'd get the book! I won't talk about it, incase I give anything away. This was €10.85.
The next items I picked up were from H&M. 

The first item I got was a mint green cotton tshirt with an aztec type print on it. I love how soft this is and the sleeves are the perfect length for me. I will be definitely picking up the black one! This was €9.95.
The last item I got from H&M was this gorgeous gold bracelet with pink bead detailing on it. This went really well with the mint green top as it seemed to just brighten it up. This was only €6.95.
The next item I picked up was from ASOS. I was in dire need of a new bag as mine was falling apart, and found it near impossible to find a decent satchel bag anywhere in Dublin without breaking the bank. I found this bag and I knew I had to have it! I love everything about it and the size is perfect! This is genuine leather so I didn't mind the price, as I knew the quality would be good! This was €65.16.
The next few items I picked up from Topshop. Topshop had a massive sale over the month of April and May so I went a bit mad in there.

So the first piece of jewellery I picked up was this gorgeous three strand necklace with an eye, sun and a moon. I had seen so many pictures of this on Tumblr and elsewhere and I knew I wanted it! I know it will go with so many things. I managed to nab this on sale for only €4.50. 
The next piece of jewellery I picked up was this gold ring with a semi-precious stone. It has lovely detailing on the band of the ring. This was a steal at only €1.50!

The next ring I got was also on sale, this ring is definitely one of my favourites. The band of the ring has beautiful rose detail on the sides, I also love the cream stone. This was €3.50.

The next ring I again picked up in the sale. This too is a gold ring with a lovely band. I especially love the turquoise stone, it's quite similar to a jade stone, but not as green. The stone looks light blue in the photos though, so apologies! I had been looking for a ring like this for so long. This was only €3.50.

The last two jewellery items I got from Topshop were both full priced items, I had seen these both on previous trips to Topshop and couldn't bare paying full price. I then decided to treat myself after my exams so said feck it! I did though get 10% student discount though, so wasn't half as bad!

So the first item is this gorgeous gold Buddha ring. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. I'm really impressed with Topshops jewellery lately. This was €12.50 (not including discount).

The last item from Topshop was another thing I immediately fell in love with as soon as I saw it, and its this gorgeous long studded cross pendant. This would be fabulous with a dress or any plain top. It really is such a statement piece. Again I paid full price for this, but did get my student discount. This was €12.50 (not including discount).
Next I got a few nail polishes from Boots. I am loving how they are selling Essie in the Jervis Street shopping centre. So I picked up two colours.

The first one being 'Fifth Avenue', I had this shade before but it went missing. I absolutely love this. It's a very bright reddish orange colour, a great shade for summer! 
The next Essie polish I picked up was 'Peach Daiquiri', which leans on the more pinky side of coral. Great colour for summer. Both Essie polishes were €11.69.
The last polish I picked up from Boots was a new Revlon Colorstay basecoat. This is also a new range the Boots in Jervis Shopping Centre are stocking. They stock a fantastic range of colours. This basecoat is also fantastic, I will definitely be purchasing the topcoat next! This polish was €10.08.
The next item I picked up was from New Look, I went in search of some shorts seeing as we had our week of Summer here in Ireland. I didn't find any suitable shorts, but did pick up this fabulous gray Rolling Stones tank top. I love this as the arms are cut quite big and it's nice and baggy. This was €17.99 (not including discount).
Next I headed to Dorothy Perkins, again in search of some shorts. I was successful in finding some nice dark wash denim shorts, these were long enough for me as I don't particularly like the tops of my legs. These were €25. (not including discount)
While in Dorothy Perkins I was also in search of some three quarter length trousers. I didn't find any ones that really caught my eye, but what I did find was some ultra skinny jeans, which I got in a shorter size and just rolled up the bottoms of them. I can safely say these are the most comfiest pair of jeans I own. These were €39 , the quality is fantastic! I will definitely be picking up a black pair!
The last item I got from Dorothy Perkins was a cute mint green polka dot bow. I had seen a similar bow in Topshop double the price. This was pretty much the same at more than half the price. This was €7.50 (not including discount).
The next item I picked up was an online order. I purchased the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish at the introductory price of €11.25 instead of the usual €17. This is a product I have heard so much about since I have started blogging. So I was excited to get my hands on it at a discounted price. This product came with a 30ml travel sized Cleanse & Polish and an extra Muslin Cloth! I am very excited to start using this. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is available here.

The last shop I headed to was Muji, and this has definitely become my 'go to' shop for purchasing my makeup storage. I always love finding new storage ideas for my makeup. 

So the first thing I picked up was a large mesh zip makeup bag. I use this bag to store miscellaneous products such as blushers, eyeshadows that don't fit anywhere else. This was only €4.95 (discount not included).
The next two items I picked up were acrylic drawers, I wanted somewhere I could store some of the products I had multiples of, such as concealers, lip balms, lip glosses and blushers. I like how you can see through the acrylic so you can see exactly what you have. These drawers were €22 each (discount not included).

The next item I picked up was an acrylic pot with three particians, I use this for storing my mascaras, lip pencils and eyeliners. Again this is great because you can see what you have, so no need for digging through drawers to find what I need. This was €9 (discount not included).
The last two items I picked up were two acrylic cups, I use one for my makeup tools, such as tweezers, scissors, eyelash curlers etc. The other pot I use to store my dirty makeup brushes, it's great to have them separated so I know which brushes need to be cleaned. These were €4 each (discount not included).

I hope you guys enjoyed the haul, sorry if it's super long! If you have any queries or questions, please leave them below, I love to hear your feedback. Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend!

Do you own any of these products? How do you store your makeup?

Emily x


  1. Great haul! I am so jealous of your beautiful Penneys and jewellery finds!

    Lucy x

  2. Those rings are just stunning! amazing haul :)

  3. Hi Emily!
    Is there any chance that you would be willing to sell the eye/moon/sun necklace? I don't have a topshop near me and they don't have it on the website any longer :'(

    1. Hi, sorry but I won't be selling the necklace

      Emily x


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