Saturday, June 09, 2012

My MAC lipstick collection

Afternoon all!

I have a busy week ahead, as I am heading off to Liverpool on Monday for a few days, and I wanted to do a post before I headed off. This post was actually a request from a reader of my blog. I had wanted to do a post about my MAC lipsticks for quite a while.

I thought I would add a little disclaimer before I begin. Most of my MAC lipsticks I own, I mostly get from Back 2 MAC. If you aren't familiar with this process, it's basically where you return SIX empty MAC containers- these can include empty foundations, eyeshadows. Pretty much any glass or plastic. In return for these you can choose any MAC lippy of your choice, excluding the Viva Glam range. I really like how MAC are encouraging recycling, it's great that they give you something in return. I wish other companies would follow suit!

I store my MAC lipsticks in a desk organiser from Muji, this was very inexpensive at only €4. I like to organise my lipsticks by their finishes, Lustre, Matte etc. I store them upside down as I can read all of the names easily.

Anyway on with the post!

I will go through each lipstick by finish.


Fast Play
This is a gorgeous browny/ pink colour.

This is a beautiful pinky/ coral colour- great for summer!

Watch Me Simmer
A bright pinky/ orange- this came out as part of MAC's Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection, as well as their Reel Sexy collection.

Full Fuchsia 
A bright fuchsia pink- this is a PRO colour, so it is only available in the MAC PRO stores.

Up The Amp
A gorgeous lavender/ violet colour.

Saint Germain
This is one of MAC's best-sellers, it's quite similar to the Lady Gaga lipstick. This is a bluey/ pink pastel colour.

Girl About Town
This is quite similar to Full Fuchsia, but with more purple undertones to it.

A browny/ orange colour, very similar to Fast Play.

A brownish pink colour. This was my very first MAC lipstick, it probably should have been thrown out years ago, but I'll probably keep it just for sentimental reasons!

Pink Nouveau 
A gorgeous bright corally/ pink colour.

A lovely mauve pink colour with some slight blueish undertones.

Honey Love
This is definitely my go to nude colour. It doesn't wash out my pale skin as it has brown and pink undertones to it.

Viva Glam I
I think this is Viva Glam I- This was given to me as a gift years ago, I can't make out the name. It's a browny/ red colour, far too dark for my complexion though!

Pink Plaid
This is very similar to Snob. This is a pink with blue undertones to it.

Pink Popcorn
This is a beautiful lavender lipstick. Don't be fooled by the look! This goes on lovely and sheer- great colour for summer! This was part of MAC's Reel Sexy collection.

A gorgeous purple plum colour.

This is the only red MAC lipstick I own. It's great as it's not as intense on the lips with it being a lustre finish. I really need to start wearing this more!

Creme Cup
This is another one of MAC's best- selling lipsticks, it's a beautiful pinky nude colour, and a really wearable shade for daytime.

Speed Dial
This is a beautiful light bluey pink colour with a hint of coral- also loving this for Summer!

This is too another one of MAC's popular lipsticks, it is quite similar to Creme Cup, but with more pink undertones to it.

This is a very pretty nudey gloss colour with pink undertones- a perfect colour for daytime.

Pro Longwear Lipcreme
This is a gorgeous pinky/ coral colour- this is definitely one of my favourite lipsticks I own. I bought this in a CCO in Belfast. This has a lovely creamy finish to it.

I hope you enjoyed my lipstick collection. If you have any questions or requests, leave them below :)

Do you own any of these shades? 
How do you store your makeup? 

Emily x


  1. Wow Chatterbox is such a pretty shade. I may need to add it to my collection soon xxx

    1. It's a great colour! I'm a bit obsessed with pink as you can probably tell!

      Emily x

  2. Your collection is amazing! Ive followed :D Follow back?

    Emily xx

  3. thats quite the collection! good selection of shades as well :)

  4. That's an enviable collection alright! Have a great time in Liverpool xo

  5. Oooooo I loveeee!
    I just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it :)

  6. wow, you really have all those mac lipsticks, gorgeous
    want to follow each other on GFC?
    have a nice day

  7. I've lost my hue lipstick and I want to cry, I'm loving costa chic which I bought recently tho :)).


  8. I really want to get Snob, it looks beautiful :D

  9. Watch me Shimmer is my fav :)
    ~Pauline @ MAC Philippines


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