Friday, August 10, 2012

Shellac Nails | My experience

Morning guys!
I wanted to share with you my experience with Shellac Nails. Basically what Shellac nails are, are a gel base where the polish is then applied and set with a UV light. They last up to two weeks, which for me is a god send! I have really weak nails, that tend to split when I try to grow them long, so when I heard of this two week manicure I had to see it to believe it! I had my Shellac Manicure at SO BELLE where it was on offer for the month of August at €25 (€5 extra for French) which is pricy but if it will help my nails I'm all in! Their offers can be seen on their Facebook.

Have you tried Shellac Nails? How was your experience?

Emily x

* Opinions are all my own*


  1. Thankfully I have pretty strong nails, but I'd kinda still love to try it at least the once. The next time I have some spare cash perhaps! :)

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