Friday, November 09, 2012

Charles Worthington Salon At Home products- Review!

This is a scheduled post as I am currently on holidays, I will reply to any comments when I return :)

Morning guys!

So recently I decided to change up my haircare routine and decided to include 2 new products.

A little background to my hair- when I was about 14-18 I dyed and bleached my hair. I had pink hair which required dyeing almost every week if not twice a week. Bleaching my hair has left it with dry ends. I have fine hair so this was possible one of the worst things I was doing to my hair.

Over the summer I had some balayage put in, which I love! But this needs some TLC, so I decided I would have a more strict haircare routine, because I want it to look healthier and shiner with no split ends. I have been using a lot of hair oils and masks in my hair and not only has it made it healthier but it is growing a lot quicker and faster.

So while in Boots recently I perused the haircare isles and spotted the Charles Worthington Salon products. I had read a lot about these and thought this is just what my hair needs! I picked up the Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer this is a product which I have never tried and was intrigued to give it a go. I also picked up the Intense Rescue Melting Balm, this is applied 20 minutes before you wash your hair, this is definitely my favourite of the two and smells amazing! 

The Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer is an overnight deep conditioning treatment, this works to strengthen and reinforce damaged hair. I love how this product didn't make my hair feel greasy or heavy and didn't leave any residue on my pillow. I really liked how my hair felt after using this and my split ends didn't appear dull and dead. This is suitable for dry-normal-fine hair and is safe to use on coloured hair.

Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer

Intense Rescue Melting Balm

The Intense Rescue Melting Balm, my favourite of the two is great for damaged hair, this is a deep conditioning treatment and is used 20 minutes before washing your hair, this restores condition to your hair. I noticed results instantly after using this, my hair feels and smells amazing, and it appears shinier and healthier and mends your split ends. This is suitable for dry, normal-thick hair.

I love the packaging of these products and they look really expensive, the packaging is really sleek and expensive looking. These products are a little pricy for drugstore haircare, the Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer set me back €19.99 and the Intense Rescue Melting Balm a whopping €22.99, but for products that work I really don't mind forking over that amount, my hair will be benefiting from it so definitely worth it.

Overall I really like this range and will definitely be checking out more products from it.

Charles Worthington Salon at Home products can be found in selected Boots stores

Have you tried the Charles Worthington Salon products?

Comment below :)

Emily x


  1. I've not tried these but i did like the Charles Worthington salt spray from his original range in boots. these look like lovely products - do you think they'll last a while given the price?

    1. I agree that spray is awful! Leaves my hair sticky and knotty!

      Emily x

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