Monday, December 24, 2012

Tarte Fantastic Foursome Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Enthusiast Set Holiday 2012- Review + Swatches

Hey lovelies!

Apologies for my absence as of late. I have been super busy with last-minute Christmas shopping etc!

I thought I would do a little post of something I picked up (and am loving!) from the States last month. It is of course the set of 4 Tarte Fantastic Foursome Amazonian Clay blushes. These are perfect for someone looking to try the blushes before investing in the full size. This wonderful set contains 4 wearable shades:

Angelic (shimmering champagne)
Fantastic (soft fuchsia)
Magic (pink coral)
Stellar (shimmering nude)

These blushes are suitable for both dry and oily skins, as they contain Amazonian Clay, which penetrates to nourish the skin and retain moisture, for oily skin the clay helps to minimise pores and balance the skin to keep the product in place.

Angelic, Fantastic, Magic, Stellar

The quality of these blushes are fantastic, some of the best I have tried (kicking myself I didn't pick up more!). These are super pigmented so a little really goes a long way, also they are a dream to blend in and last absolutely ages.

I definitely find myself reaching for these a lot more now over any of my other blushes. If you come across these blushes I highly suggest checking them out.

Unfortunately Tarte Cosmetics are not yet available in Ireland *sob*, but try eBay (but watch out for the bogus sellers!). 

This set of 4 blushes retailed for $35 for 0.10 oz, which for is fantastic. 1 full size blush retails for just $25 for 0.20 oz. The only difference aside from the size is the smaller blushes don't have a mirror.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! I will be back in the New Year.

Lots of love,

Emily x


  1. I really want this set! I love the two Tarte blushes I have. x

    1. It's amazing, hopefully they bring out more similar sets :)

      Emily x

  2. I love the blushes! The shades are so fab! Just found your blog and love it :) Following you now! Follow back if you like my blog! I also live in Dublin :)
    xxx Marina

    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  3. so jealous, I need these in my life.


    1. Definitely! Tarte blushes are a-mazing!

      Emily x


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