Thursday, January 31, 2013

H&M Wishlist

Morning guys,

Recently while browsing through H&M, I came across quite a few pieces that would be ideal for Spring/Summer time. I really think in the recent months H&M have upped their game. I always head to H&M when looking for something on-trend.

I have always loved H&M for their basics and at affordable prices, the quality is great for the price too!

For this season I am also loving the big statement necklaces, and have acquired quite a few. I am definitely one for my accessories! I am also loving the floral trends this season. I think these leggings would be perfect with a simple top and blazer. I have absolutely fallen for the floral jacket as well, which again would be great with a simple top and jeans.

These are just some of the pieces I have been loving!
Have you spotted anything from H&M?

Emily x

Monday, January 28, 2013

Make-up Shake-up #4

Evening lovelies,

I have decided after last weeks Make-up Shake-up, that I would pair it down a little this week.

These are my make-up picks for this week.

For my primer again this week I have gone with my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat. This is really moisturising and is a great base for makeup. 
Again I have stuck with my NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser for foundation this week. I love the light coverage it gives, and it doesn't feel too cakey which I love.

For corrector this week I have stuck with my trusty Bobbi Brown under eye corrector in Light Bisque.

Also for concealers this week, I have stuck with my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Porcelain. I love this for under my eyes. I also went with my MAC Select Cover-Up concealer in NW20, which is a little dark for me, so I tend to use this on other areas of my face that need covering.
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, MAC Select Cover-Up, Bobbi Brown Undereye Corrector

I have also stuck with my Urban Decay All Nighter spray, which is great for keeping any oil at bay.

For highlighter this week I stuck with my NARS Albatross highlighter. I love it for daytime as it is nice and subtle.
Lastly for powder, I went with my MAC Studio Fix in NW15. This is definitely one of my favourite powders and doesn't tend to look cakey.

I would like to think I have been quite good this week; I chose two blushes this week. Since digging out my Benefit Coralista last week, I thought I would give it another go this week. 
The second blush I chose has been a long time favourite of mine- MAC Tenderling. I love this blush for days when I want to keep my makeup minimal. It also works great as a contour colour on paler skintones like myself.
Finally for contour this week I have stuck with my NARS Laguna bronzer. Hands down my favourite bronzer I have tried!

For eyeshadows I made up a little MAC neutral quad. I picked three eyeshadows (the fourth is for brows). I wanted to keep my eyes basic this week. The colours I choses were Wedge, Ricepaper and Patina. I quite like Ricepaper and Wedge together. For my base I am sticking with my Paint Pot in Painterly.
MAC eyeshadows L-R-Wedge, Ricepaper, Patina, Cork

For brows I kept with my Cork eyeshadow from MAC, this is a great match for my brows as they don't end up looking too drawn on. With that I am using my Anastasia brow gel.

For liner I went with my Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in Nude. This is great for brightening up my eyes.

This week for mascara I have gone back to my YSL Shocking mascara, I feel this definitely gives my lashes definition and keeps a curl really well. For my bottom lashes I have gone with my Clinique Bottom Lash mascara, which I love!


I chose three lip products this week. I chose two neutral lipsticks from MAC, I went with my trusty MAC Hue lipstick & MAC Viva Glam V. These are great for adding a shine and a hint of colour. I also went with my Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, again this adds a hint of colour, and helps to moisturise at the same time- did I mention it smells A-MAZING!?]
MAC Hue, Maybelline Baby Lips, MAC Viva Glam V

Emily x

Friday, January 25, 2013

Liebster Award!

Hi everyone,

Recently I was nominated by two lovely bloggers- Aisling from Total Make-Up Addict and Avril from Blushful Beauty for a Liebster Award. I have been nominated before, but it's always lovely to receive a nomination nonetheless! :)

These are the rules as follows:

1. Nominate 11 up and coming or new bloggers (with less than 200 followers).
2. Divulge 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you asked.
4. Tell the bloggers you have nominated and ask them to complete the same process with the 11 questions you set out.

11 Random Facts about myself

1. I'm a type 1 diabetic and have been since I was 9.
2. I'm really really shy when in big crowds of people, and tend to get really anxious.
3. I have been obsessed with makeup for as long as I can remember! Always playing with mammys makeup when I was younger!
4. I have been dieting pretty much for most of my adult life. I've always battled with weight issues, but am finally getting a handle on things :)
5. I'm currently studying Music Management in college, but I don't feel it's what I really want to do. I'm not overly fond of my course.
6. When I was younger I always wanted to be a teacher. I used to play games like 'teacher', I even had my own little blackboard. I would hate to be a teacher now.
7. I am the youngest of 3- I don't really get along with my siblings. I feel we all have completely different interests and personalities.
8. I am a total 'neat freak' when it comes to my things.Everything has it's own little place. Shame I can't say the same about my room! :P
9. I haven't had much contact with friends since leaving school. There is only 1 person I really stay in touch with. The rest I see more as acquaintances. But I am loving meeting new and interesting people through blogging! 
10. I have 2 tattoos and 19 piercings. I regret both of my tattoos.
11. I have a huge fear of spiders. I will run in the opposite direction at the mere thought of one being there. I can't read or look and anything with a picture of a spider on it. Other than that I love most other animals!

My Questions from Aisling
1. What's in your handbag today?
Purse, a packet of tissues, L'Occitane hand cream, Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar hand sanitizer, a receipt from TGI Friday's, Miu Miu glasses case, gum, headphones, Leap Card, Insulin, Longchamp cleaning guide.
2. Who would play you in the movie depicting your life story?
I say I would, I'd feel sorry for someone playing me haha :P
3. Favourite comfort food?
Chocolate or Chicken wings
4. What is your most prized possession?
Probably my Tiffany necklace my mam got me for my 21st or my dog (he's like my baby!)
5. What was your most embarrassing moment to date (can be anything!)?
Probably going to a birthday party about 2 years ago and the guys mother pouring me drinks. I went outside for some fresh air and ended up getting sick- I'll stop the story now! 
6. Favourite song at the moment?
This is a tough one! It would probably have to be Always Be by Jimmy Eat World of Everybody's On the Run by Noel Gallagher & the High Flying Birds.
7. Last time you cried watching a movie?
I can't remember exactly, but it could've been Christmas with the Kranks at Christmas- the ending is just so cute!
8. What really makes you mad?
I can get angry over the smallest things, but probably when I see people abusing animals or complaining about the elderly, racism!
9. If you could step into somebody else's shoes for day, who would you choose?
This is a tough one! Probably a YouTuber or something as I have always wanted to see what it's like (thats another fact, I've always wanted to make a YouTube video, but am too chicken!), or else my dad, he travels a lot for work and would love to see all of the interesting cities and places he gets to visit.
10. Whose style do you admire and why?
I don't really admire any one person's style, but I love Kristen Stewarts casual style (I'm not a massive fan of her though!)
11. Best book you have ever read?
I don't read many books (which really needs to change!), I recently read a book- Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, which had a great ending. I love books with a great twist at the end!

My Questions from Avril

1. Who inspires you the most?
Probably my mam, she looks after us so well- how does she put up with us?!
2. What's your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?
Either watch a movie, or lets face it, shopping!!
3. Have you ever called in sick to work to just have a duvet day?
Of course! Well for college anyway! I like to think of it more as a 'mental health day' haha.
4. What are you most proud of in your life so far?
Probably finishing school, I wasn't great in school so I was happy to finished and out of there.
5. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Either flying or invisibility! 
6. Where do you see your self in 5 years time?
Hopefully working and in a job I'm happy with.
7. Do you have a bucket list? If yes, what's the weirdest thing on it?
No, but I would love to make one!
8. Do you have any fears? 
Tonnes- spiders, heights, scary movies, snakes, mice, rats, any creepy crawlies, maggots (bleh!)
9. What do you do to cheer yourself up?
Probably shopping or what a nice feel-good movie.
10. What's the make up item you could not live without?
It would have to be concealer or mascara!
11. Who is your favourite blogger/ vlogger and why? 
 I can't pick just one blogger! I like tonnes of bloggers. A few would be: Fluff and FripperiesForever Fabulous in BowsFleur De ForceViva AdonisMake Up MonsterMusings of a Make Up Maniac etc. My favourite vloggers would be: Fleur De ForceTanya Burr aka Pixi2wooPixiwooMissglamorazziAmarixeLeanne WoodfullTar Mar.

Questions for my Nominees

1. What made you start blogging?
2. What is the one beauty item you would repurchase without fail?
3. Who is your favourite band/artist?
4. What makeup item makes you feel like a million dollars?
5. What is your favourite beauty brand? And why?
6. Do you have current favourite beauty product?
7. What's your favourite tv series?
8.  What would be the one thing you wish you could own, if money wasn't an object?
9. If you could be any character from a novel or movie- who would you pick?
10. What's your favourite feel-good movie?
11. What would be your dream job?

My Nominees for a Liebster Award

Sarah from Rara Giggle
Dani from Glamour Nazi
Clara from Countess du Blush
Hannah from A Bullet To The Head
Sarah from Princesswatshername
Emma from The Makeup Buff
Rosaleen from Roses and Rockets

(It isn't quite 11, but ah sure!)

Thanks again to Aisling and Avril for nominating me :)

Emily x

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks- Review+Swatches

Hello lovelies,

Recently I rediscovered the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks. If you know me, you will know I am obsessed with lip products. These are no exception!
I find this product to be quite similar to the YSL Sheer Volupte Candy lip balms, as well as the Revlon Lip Butters. I find the colour payoff on these to be stronger than the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy and not as rich and creamy as the Lip Butters. This is really lightweight on the lips and glides on smoothly without tugging.

These come in a tonne of different shades, of which I have seven. 
Lovely Rose- This is a really pretty pink, really similar to MAC's Angel or Creme Cup. Great for everyday wear.
Aphrodite Scarlet- This isn't a red as such but more of a pinky red (if that makes sense!)
Tempting Lilac- This is definitely my favourite of the bunch, it's really one of those 'my lips, but better colours', I love pairing this with my MAC Pop Mode lipglass.
Impulsive Fuchsia- I love this shade, really nice for night time
Rock N' Mauve- I love this colour again for night time, for me it's a little too dark for daytime.
Dating Coral- I haven't found myself wearing this one a lot since I bought it. I love the colour, it's a gorgeous peachy coral colour.
Rebel Red- This one is definitely more red than Aphrodite Scarlet, this is sheer enough to be worn for day time.
L-R- Lovely Rose, Aphrodite Scarlet, Tempting Lilac, Impulsive Fuchsia, Rock N' Mauve, Dating Coral, Rebel Red

I really love the packaging, it's quite sturdy and feels a lot more expensive than it actually is.

They are quite sheer, while still being pigmented at the same time. I love the shine it leaves on the lips and is quite moisturising, and isn't sticky which is a bonus! However the lasting power isn't amazing but they still last up to a good 3-4 hours on me before needing a touch up.

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks are available from Boots and anywhere L'Oreal cosmetics are sold.

Have you tried these lipsticks? Whats your favourite shade?   

Emily x

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nail of the Day- Butter London Teddy Girl

Hey everyone,

It's been quite a while since I have done a NOTD post so I thought I would do one today. Butter London's Teddy Girl is a beautiful light creamy pink colour, which is opaque in about two coats. The consistency of this polish reminds me a lot of Essie's Fiji, but this is a lot more pink.
Butter London polishes are available from Avoca stores and from Harvey Nichols.

Have you tried any Butter London polishes?

Emily x 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Make-up Shake-up #3

Evening everyone,

I'm back again showcasing this weeks makeup. Apologies for not posting in a while, I'm bogged down with college work, normal posts will resume shortly.
 Last weeks Make-up Shake-up worked out quite well. However this week I have quite a bit more, as I have a couple events on this week, so wanted a good selection to choose from.
Lets get started..


For my primer this week I have picked a newish product from my collection. I love the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat, I find this keeps my makeup put all day.
My foundation pick of the week is my NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, I am the lightest shade, Finland. I bought this while in the States in November. Believe it or not I hadn't used it until now. I have to say I really love this, it feels really light on my skin. This foundation also has an SPF 30.
Again for my corrector this week I have used my Bobbi Brown under eye corrector in Light Bisque. I find this product works best when warmed up before applying.
For concealer this week I chose two. First one being my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Porcelain, which is my favourite under eye concealer. My other concealer pick is the new Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 15. 
For my powder this week I decided to go with my Maybelline Fit Me in 120 Classic Ivory. I'm not too sure if this is the right colour match for me, but it seems to keep away any oiliness. 
I am using my Urban Decay All Nighter spray to set my makeup as I feel it helps it last throughout the day.
Finally, for my highlighter I have gone with my NARS Albatross highlighter. I love this as a really natural highlight, it looks a little scary in the pan, but when applied it looks really natural.


For a primer this week I have gone with my trusty MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. I always find myself gravitating to this more and more. I find it covers up any redness on my lids.
For eyeshadows this week, again I couldn't just choose one, so I went with three! I chose two L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows in Iced Latte and Bronzed Taupe, I discovered these while in the States and have fallen in love! These are more of a pressed pigment than an eyeshadow. I also chose a MAC Extra Dimension eyeshadows in Stolen Moment, this will be great for any nights out I have coming up.
For eyebrows this week I decided to change it up. I have gone with my MAC eyeshadow in Cork for filling in my brows. I find this a lot lighter than my Illamasqua Brow Cake, I feel it looks a lot more natural. I am also using my Anastasia brow gel to set my brows.
For mascara this week I decided not to change it up, so I stuck with my CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara, and for bottom lashes I have chosen my Clinique Bottom Lash mascara.
Lastly for liners I have three. I went with a Maybelline gel liner in brown, which looks a lot more natural than black and is more wearable for daytime. I apply this with my Real Techniques fine liner brush. I also went with a Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in Nude, and a MAC eye kohl in Orpheus, which is a really pretty deep gold shade.


For a contour I ditched my Sleek Contour Kit for my NARS Laguna bronzer. This is a lot lighter than the Sleek kit with a slight bit of shimmer, which is a lot more natural looking. I like to apply the bronzer with a MAC 187 brush.
I have chosen three blushes this week (see I did go a little overboard!). I dug out my Revlon Photoready cream blush in Flushed (review!), which I apply to the tops of my cheeks using my fingers, as it helps warm up the product making it easier to blend. Next I went with an old favourite of mine, Benefit's Coralista. This has gone unloved for quite some time, I have has this for a while (longer than I would like!), so I thought I would take the opportunity to dig it back out and give it another whirl. Lastly for blush I have my MAC Easy Manner blush, which is a really pretty light rosy pink colour, which will be great for daytime.


Again this week I have chosen three lip products (I really am a sucker for lip products!). I chose my Korres Lip butter in Quince, which is a beautiful rosy pink colour. I also went with a MAC lipglass in Pop Mode, which I have been loving since buying it, I like pairing this with my L'Oreal Rouge Caresse in Tempting Lilac. These colours are really suited but are just a beautiful on their own.

What product are you loving at the moment?

Emily x

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Make-up Shake-up #2

Morning everyone,

After my first Make-up Shake-up post worked really well for me, I thought I would give it another go. It was great to rediscover some old (and new) favourites. It was also great for those early mornings, not having to dig through drawers of makeup.
These are my picks for this week


I quite liked using this primer last week, it is a gel-like consistency that sinks in within a matter of seconds. I'm still unsure whether I prefer it to my Benefit POREfessional though.
For foundation this week I have chosen my trusty Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. This is my second bottle of this and I love it for light, everyday use.
I thought for concealer this week I would use my new Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer. I love how this helps to brighten the under eye area, however this is quite thick so a little goes a long way! Did I mention it smells divine?
For my under eye corrector I will again be using my Bobbi Brown corrector in Light Bisque. Again a little bit of this goes a long way, if you pack this on it can begin to look cakey.
For powder this week I have gone with my old favourite, Rimmel Stay Matte. This does the job, and is by far one of the best drugstore powders I have tried.
Finally for a highlighter this week I have gone with my new MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel. This product is great for highlighting the face or even to mix in with foundation. Again you only need the smallest amount of this.


This week I decided to go with two eyeshadow bases. Both are Paint Pots from MAC- Constructavist is a gorgeous golden brown, which I like to wear on its own or paired with eyeshadows. I also stuck with my old favourite Painterly.
For eyeshadow I went with my Urban Decay Naked2 palette. This has gone unloved for quite a few months, so I seized the opportunity this week, and decided to give it a whirl. My favourite everyday shades are Tease, Foxy, Bootycall and Busted.
For eyeliner this week I have dug out my MAC Powersurge eye kohl. This is a fabulous bronze-y gold shade, which is beautiful for day and nighttime. I love wearing this blended into the waterline with Busted from the Naked2 palette.
For brows this week I am using my usual Illamasqua Brow Cake in Thunder and my Anastasia Brow Gel to help keep those wild beasts tamed! 
Finally for mascara I have chosen two! My trusty Clinique Bottom Lash mascara, and my CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara. I love this mascara as I don't find my lashes looking clumpy when I use this. I love the thick, but short wand on this one.


For contouring this week I am still using my Sleek Contour Kit in Light. I find this a perfect shade for my skintone. I like to apply this using a MAC 187.
For blush this week I decided to go with my NARS Orgasm. This blush has gone unloved for quite a few months. I find this applies best also with a MAC 187.


For lips this week I again couldn't choose just one! So I chose three.. I first chose my Revlon Lip Butter in Fig Jam, which is a gorgeous brown-y reddish shade, this is great to just slap on when I'm in a rush. I also picked Syrup by MAC, which I bought over Christmas- and absolutely love it! Lastly I decided to go with my old favourite, Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Crush. I haven't rocked a dark lip in ages, so I thought I would dig this one out. It's a great for on-the-go.
L-R- Powersurge eye kohl, Revlon Fig Jam, MAC Syrup, Revlon Crush

What are your makeup picks this week?

Emily x

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